Sell Landed Property

Sell Landed Property

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sell landed property

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We sell your landed property quickly with the least hassle.

Selling a landed property requires persistence and effort in the search for a serious buyer. Depending on the location and general condition of the house, some landed homes might be more appealing to buyers and others. Getting a good resale price for your landed property can be optimised with property targeting and marketing efforts that could make your sale more profitable. If you are interested to sell your landed property, you may want to consult with a dedicated agent from us to find out.

We specialise in selling all kinds of landed homes, including bungalows, terrace houses and semi-detached homes. It’s our job to help property owners who are struggling to sell their unit in the market at a reasonable price. Our team helps by finding the right angle to sell their property with creative marketing methods with data-driven technologies to get attract serious buyers that could potentially bring you a handsome profit with your sale.

Maximising Value

Through our access to network of potential buyers and creative marketing channels we help sellers fetch the best possible price for their property.

Quality Marketing

We are experts at improving your property’s appeal and positioning it attractively for buyers through creative marketing and home styling.

Fast Sales

We help you property gain quick exposure through our network of buyers with up-to-date marketing strategies. Sell your home quickly with us.

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Our Landed Property Selling Services

Depending on your plan, moving homes while attempting to sell your current residence can be tricky to coordinate considering the amount of complexity with so many new home loan financing rules, additional buyer stamp duties (ABSD), taxes and remissions. To minimise the hassle and disruptions to our client’s lives it is our job to advise sellers who are preparing to move onto their next property of their essential considerations, especially financial ones, in order to ensure a smooth passage without any cash crunch or unnecessary stress along the way.

Landed Property Regulations

With our years of experience in selling landed properties including strata and non-strata properties, we are well-versed with the latest regulations concerning the sale of landed house. Our experts will brief you on what you need to know to help you make an informed decision on your sale.

Budget Planning and Consultation

In addition to executing marketing channels to try to maximise the selling price of your landed home, we also provide financial and cashflow advice as we are highly experienced in this field. Our experts are more than happy to share with you our planning tips in order to help you safely secure your next home.

Recently Sold Landed Properties

willow ave semi detached

Semi-detached at Willow Ave
Sold in 8 weeks

serangoon gardens terraced house

Terraced House at Serangoon Gardens
Sold in 5 weeks

sembawang hills terraced house

Terraced House at Sembawang Hills
Sold in 3 weeks

lily ave semi detached

Semi-detached at Lily Ave
Sold in 9 weeks

jalan keris terraced house

Terraced House at Jalan Keris
Sold in 8 weeks

greenwood ave bungalow

Bungalow at Greenwood Ave
Sold in 3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I engage Property Sellers to sell my landed property?
We have closed tens of landed resale transactions in the past 2 years, so we are poised to ensure a smooth and quick landed resale process for you. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate real estate insights to you. We provide consultation such as sales calculation and tech-driven marketing to close deals faster with massive cost savings.

How will Property Sellers market my landed property?
In addition to marketing your landed property in the major listing platform, we also run outreach campaigns via other digital marketing channels. This will ensure that your home gets maximum market exposure with the aim of getting the best offers for your unit.

Do I have to pay commission up front to sell my landed property?
You do not have to pay any up front commission for selling your landed property. Any commission is only payable after we have successfully sold your property in the market.

How can I start selling my landed property with Property Sellers?
Contact us or simply reach out to us with a text message or phone call to get things started. With our track record, we are confident of delivering positive results to any type of landed property.

I’m under an Exclusive Agreement with another agent. Can you still help?
In order to fully realise the chance of selling your property, we will need you to be willing to work with us on an exclusive basis.

Am I eligible to sell my landed property?
While there is no Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) before you can sell your private property, you should consider the fact that you would be eligible to to pay Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) if you sell your property within the first four years of purchase.

What’s the average selling period for you to sell my landed property?
The selling time depends on various factors. It is possible to sell a unit from 1 day to as long as a few months. Based on our track record, we usually take less than one and a half months to find a buyer.

Will you help us in the process of buying as well?
Yes, after selling we will help you find your next suitable home if you’re thinking of upgrading or right-sizing.

Should I sell my landed property first or buy my next property first?
If you sufficient funds to purchase your next property first, you should consider that option. However if your financials do not allow that, you will need to sell first.

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